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Tile & Stone Flooring Trends for 2020

By January 24, 2020Tile

Tile & stone flooring remains a timeless classic that continues to benefit from new styles and innovations. Both continue to drive the popularity of tile flooring, while also providing more options to savvy homeowners. Here, we’ll briefly discuss a few of the top trends stemming from advancements in stone flooring.

Large Tiles

Tile sizes are growing as interior designers learn that large tiles make a room seem more spacious. They are growing in both length and width, offering more design options along the way. There are a few additional benefits to using larger tiles as well:

  • less grout
  • Easier installation
  • Easier maintenance

A Master of Disguise


In recent years, porcelain tile has proven itself incredibly versatile. In addition to performance, this versatility also extends to style. Tile & stone floors are increasingly mimicking other flooring types that would otherwise either be too expensive or too impractical.

For example, our Amesbury line perfectly matches the look of marble flooring at a much better price point. Of course, it does so without sacrificing performance and is even suitable for outdoor applications. Coventry offers a wood-look design that not only matches the hardwood aesthetic, but also the texture. Both come in a variety of colors.

Retro Encaustic Tile Looks


The geometric tile patterns of old are making a modern comeback. Encaustic tiles, which have been used to decorate concert halls, ballrooms and palaces for centuries are becoming more popular in residential applications. This unique blend of repeating geometric shapes shined during the 1950s, and some of the very same looks are returning.

Even better, there are more affordable options for encaustic tiles. For example, if stone flooring is too expensive, consider luxury vinyl tile or sheet as an alternative. Our Retro Vision Flooring perfectly captures these tile aesthetics in an affordable – and waterproof – package.

Colors Everywhere


Typically, a discussion of trends is incomplete without mentioning colors. However, 2020 has its own interesting touch on this.

In recent years (year-by-year), we’ve been hearing about new colors gaining attention. First it was gray-scale, then earth tones, and more recently, bold colors.

Interestingly, none of these colors have lost favor; they just continue to build on top of each other. In other words, you can now choose pretty much any color for your tile & stone floors while still having a home that’s considered fashionable.

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